Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured in a car accident or slipped and fallen, you know that the medical bills, the stress, and the pain last long after you’ve been initially hurt. Don’t let insurance companies bully you into taking less than you need. We can help.

If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be wondering if you have a case for a personal injury lawsuit. Car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and other incidents can all result in serious injuries that leave you facing expensive medical bills and lost wages. If your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. However, it’s important to understand the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit before making any decisions. Bruett, Reyes & Thornton LLC can evaluate your case and advise you on your best course of action. We are familiar with the insurance companies and know how to negotiate fair settlements.


If you’ve been injured in an accident, don’t try to handle everything on your own–contact Bruett, Reyes & Thornton LLC today.


Great experience from start to finish during the entire process. Truly believe my best interests were in mind throughout all levels of communication, strongly recommend them!


Jay D.